Staff Nurse Exam Multiple Choice Question Ansers

1. A client is experiencing anxiety attack. The most appropriate nursing intervention should include?

A. Staying with the client and speaking in short sentences
B. Leaving the client alone
C. Turning on the television
D. Ask the client to play with other clients

Answer: A. Staying with the client and speaking in short sentences

2. According to Erickson’s stage of growth and development, the developmental task associated with middle childhood is:

A. Trust
B. Industry
C. Independence
D. Initiative

Answer: B. Industry

3. A female child named Baby Navya is admitted with a diagnosis of delusions of GRANDEUR. This diagnosis reflects a belief that one is:

A. Being Killed
B.  Responsible for evil world
C.Highly famous and important
D. Connected to client unrelated to oneself

Answer; C.Highly famous and important

4. The 5-minute Apgar of a baby delivered by C-section is recorded as 9. The most likely reason for this score is:

A. The mottled appearance of the trunk
B. The presence of conjunctival hemorrhages
C.Respiratory rate of 20–28 per minute
D. Cyanosis of the hands and feet 

Answer: D. Cyanosis of the hands and feet 

5 . The nurse should observe for side effects associated with the use of bronchodialators. A common side effect of bronchodilators is:

A. Palpitation
B.  Hypertension
C. Apnea
D. Nausea

Answer: D. Nausea

6. A 20 year old Mr. Ajay MAthew was diagnosed with dependent personality disorder. Which behavior is most likely to be evidence of ineffective individual coping?

A. Recurrent self-destructive behavior
B.Avoiding personal relationship
C. Not Showing interest in Social activities
D.Inability to make choices and decision without advise 

Answer: D.Inability to make choices and decision without advise 

7. A client  named Mr. Srinivas Nair with a bowel resection and anastamosis returns to his room with an NG tube attached to intermittent suction. Which of the following observations indicates that the nasogastric suction is working properly?

A. Mr. Shivaram drink plenty of Fluiids

B. Mr. Shivaram is able to swallow
C. Mr. Shivaram's abdomen is soft. 
D. MT. Shivaram Passed Urine

Answer: C. Mr. Shivaram's abdomen is soft. 

8. Nurse Priyanka Takur is caring for a female client who has suicidal tendency. When accompanying the client to the restroom, Nurse Priyanka should…

A. Observe her 
B. Allow her to urinate and defecate.
C. Open the window and allow her to get some fresh air and let her go out.
D. Give her privacy

Answer: A. Observe her 

9. Which of the following symptoms is associated with exacerbation of multiple sclerosis?

A. Nausea
B. Diplopia
C.  Seizures
D. Insomnia

Answer: B. Diplopia

10. A 5-month-old infant Baby Raksha Takur admitted to the Hospital with a temperature of 103.8°F and irritability. Her  mother states that the child has been restless for the past several hours and that he had a seizure on the way to the hospital. A lumbar puncture confirms a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. The nurse should assess the infant for:

A. Edema 
B.  Reflexes
C. Tenseness of the anterior fontanel
D. Negative scarf sign

Answer: C. Tenseness of the anterior fontanel


Nursing Written test examination conducted by KEA for recruitment of Staff Nurses(GNM). The Questions with answers (100 Nos) is published here.
Question No. 1. Mortality means
Correct Answer: (B) Death rate

Question No. 2. Name of the tiny air–sacs in the lungs :
Correct Answer:  (C) Alveoli (D) Bronchus

Question No. 3. The umbilical cord consists of
Correct Answer:  (A) Two arteries and one vein (B) Two veins and one artery

Question No. 4. Power house of cell is
Correct Answer:  (D) Mitochondria

Question No. 5. Presence of albumin in the urine is termed as
Correct Answer:  (C) Albuminuria (D) Dysuria

Question No. 6. White Blood Cells are responsible for
Correct Answer:  (A) Phagocytosis (B) Pirocytosis

Question No. 7. Personal hygiene comprises :
Correct Answer:  (C) Both Physical health & Mental health

Question No. 8. Following are the principles of nursing, except:
Correct Answer:  (B) Equality

Question No. 10. Active immunization should be given for whooping cough :
Correct Answer:  (A) DPT (B) BCG

Question No. 11. Society determines of the state
Correct Answer:  (B) Purpose

Question No. 12. Collapse of the lung is called as


#1. local anesthesia administer with which drug to increase their effect?
1 adrenalin*
2 calcium gluconate
3 normal saline
4 water

#2.nitrous oxide cylinder is?
1 black with white top
2 grey
3 blue*
4 red

#3.thoroughly washing of hand & forearm before surgery with soap or disinfectant solution is known as?
1 scrubbing*
2 washing
3 rubbing
4 scrapping

#4.for an operation OT nurse should prepare?
1 dressing trolley
2 emergency trolley*
3 mayo trolley
4 washing trolley

#5.what is the primary reason for the gradual changes of position of the patient after surgery?
1 to prevent sudden drop of bp
2 to prevent muscle injury
3 to prevent respiratory distress 
4 none of the above*

#6.use of cautery prohibited with?
1 N2O
2 ether
3 halothane
4 carbon dioxide

#7.the best position for giving mouth care to unconscious patient?
1 semifowler
2 supine
3 side lying*
4 trenlenberg

#8.which one of the following local anesthetic is an ester of benzoic acid?
1 lidocaine
2 procain
3 ropivacaine
4 cocaine

#9.while lifting a patient a nurse bend on her?
1 hips and back
2 hips and knee
3 back and knee
4 only back

#10. the following are absorable suture except?
1 catgut
2 vicryl
3 nylon*
4 monocryl


Question 1:-Gradenigo's syndrome is a feature of
 A:-Lateral sinus thrombosis
 C:-Acute mastoiditis
 Correct Answer:-  D:-Petrositis

Question 2:-BOCKHART IMPETIGO is a term use for
 A:-Impetigo contagiosum
 B:-Bullous impetigo
 C:-Superficial folliculitis
 D:-Pustular psoriasis in pregnancy
 Correct Answer:-  C:-Superficial folliculitis

Question 3:-Honey comb Appearance in HSG is suggestive of
 A:-Asherman's syndrome
 B:-Cushing's syndrome
 C:-Sheehan's syndrome
 D:-Turner's syndrome
 Correct Answer:- A:-Asherman's syndrome

Question 4:-Coma vigil is seen in
 A:-Hyperosmolar state
 B:-Enteric fever
 C:-Myxoedema coma
 D:-Head Injury
 Correct Answer:-  B:-Enteric fever

Question 5:-Increased respiratory rate over 24 breaths per minute
 Correct Answer:- D:-Tachypnoea


1. HCG is secreted by

Answer:- C:-Syncytiotrophoblast

2. An adaptation that indicates major complication after gastroscopy would be
A:-Nausea and vomiting
B:-Difficulty in swallowing
C:-Increased GI motility
D:-Abdominal distention

Answer:- D:-Abdominal distention

3. Destruction of all microorganisms including their spores
C:-Concurrent disinfection


1. The classical pathological stages of lobar pneumonia include all the following EXCEPT
 A:-Stage of resolution
 B:-Stage of congestion
 C:-Stage of hepatization
 D:-Stage of colonization

Answer:-  D:-Stage of colonization

2. Which of the following gas is the most dangerous pollutant of the atmosphere
 A:-Sulphur dioxide
 B:-Carbon monoxide
 C:-Nitrogen dioxide

Answer:-  B:-Carbon monoxide

3. Tuberculosis was declared as a global emergency by WHO in the year


1. Vitamin A supplementation gives to children from the age of 1 to 6 years should by every
 A:-3 months
 B:-6 months
 D:-8 months
Answer:-  B:-6 months

2. The nurse is caring for a client with ascites. Which is the best method to use for determining early ascites?
A. Inspection of the abdomen for enlargement 
B. Bimanual palpation for hepatomegaly
C. Daily measurement of abdominal girth
D. Assessment for a fluid wave

Answer: C. Daily measurement of abdominal girth

3.-The aldehyde test of Napier is a simple test widely used in India for the diagnosis of
 A:-Yellow fever
 B:-Dengue fever